You Know Everything ft. Kayne Martin

by NorCal Nick

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I used to hate you for all of the things that you used to say,
you always thought you knew, every-fucking-thing.

NorCal Nick - You Know Everything
Featuring: Kayne Martin (
Photo Credit: Stephanie Angulo (
Artwork: Mpulse (@rrmpulse)

[Chorus] [Nick]
I know you think that you've changed but,
to me you still sound like the same one,
tell me the secret,
I bet you know everything,
you always do,
you always do,

tell me,
what am I to do
when you're just being you?

[First Verse] [Nick]
I wish I could say I knew what to say to you,
and I'm not judging you for doing all the things you do,
but its hard to understand all the hate in you,
your lack of empathy made me afraid of you,
your lack of self awareness made me think that you're dangerous,
I know you think you know it all but clearly you just make it up,
you'd rather fake it till you make it instead of paying up,
fair enough, but at night,
you're still staring up,
you wonder why there's that void inside,
and you start tearing up,
and you'd think that'd be enough,
but nope, you're hearing nothing,
fuck it, man, whatever, I know that you're just being you,
I pray one day you gunna see the truth.

[Bridge] [Nick]
just know that.
just know that.
just know.

I know the things that they'll say,
they always say that they'll change,
let me tell you a secret,
they never do,

I used to hate you for all of the things,
that you used to say,
you always thought you knew,

[Chorus] [Nick]

[2nd Verse] [Kayne Martin]
she's just being difficult like all these other women are,
her attitude is like pray and hide behind God,
acting like you're hard to get as if it shows who you are,
I hate a woman who'll never let you get your point across,
and what she says goes, she just talks and she talks,
and you're forced to a free, with whatever comes out her mouth,
but fuck it, keep looking for ways to not to trust me,
you can't handle true love when its right in front of you,
keep telling people what you need and what I need to do,
I gave it to you, you didn't see it, but you're right, I'm wrong,
ok then, I'll take it, if thats what makes you happy,
knowing everything, then gladly, you can have it,
you're just being you.

[Chorus] [Nick]


releases November 11, 2017



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